Bonnaventure James x Sleepyhead Split Cassette

Image of Bonnaventure James x Sleepyhead Split Cassette

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Follow this link to hear some tunes from the tape:

The first official physical recordings from Bonnaventure James and Sleepyhead. Produced by the two in a basement in Lethbridge Alberta featuring many, if not all of their fan favourite hits!

S - side:
  • Intro
  • Light Pollution
  • ///
  • Machines Beneath The Sidewalk (Ft. Emily of Silver Dapple)
  • /////
  • Fuck in the Woods (ft. Emily of Silver Dapple)
  • 1259 (Sounds like BS cover)
  • Astronaut Girlfriend pt. 2
  • Timesteps
  • Polaroid
  • Ships
  • People Forget
  • Comes with digital download and free digital download for the "Tales to Excite and Mystify Vol. 1" EP by Bonnaventure James